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Currently working on a dance routine to this epic soundtrack for this summer’s performance.

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AlbumSoundtrack for the Voices In My Head, Vol. 02

In Order To Surive

The cruel fact to this world we live in is that the people with a lot of power categorized us by class, and If you are unfortunate to be near or around the bottom, you have to realize that in order to protect and provide for your love ones, you have to take care of yourself first.

Late Night Messaging

I enjoy receiving and sending late night messages with friends. They are usually meaningful and mind provoking. :)

Keep Going

If you are born in the 90’s, obviously you’re either an adult or reaching the adult stages in life, which means a crap load of responsibilities are heading your way. There’s no time to mope around about the past, find yourself and move on.

Everything you can imagine is real. — Pablo Picasso (via kushandwizdom)
Album Art
ArtistLinkin Park

What’s On My Mind Lately

I love my birthplace, I really do.

But the things I have experienced throughout these years is too painful for me to bear mentally. I’ve realize I have to once again move away from here, and even further from home this time.

I’ve always dreamed of living somewhere out of the U.S. anyway.

I have been avoiding people lately in order to focus on myself. I’ve been training and taking classes secretly to learn from some of the very best around me, after finishing a few projects down here, I’m planning on moving to Vietnam in a few years and use what I’ve learn over there.

I now have the resources and the connections to achieve this, all I have to do now is follow through.

I don’t regret anything


Everything she said and performed here touched my soul.

We want to live by each other happiness not by each other misery — Charlie Chaplin from The Great Dictatorship